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The Safecity White Knight anti-theft personal alarm, is the perfect personal alarm to protect keys, handbags and briefcases.  Simply wrap the ripcord on  the handle and attach the alarm to your belt.  It is also an ideal emergency alarm for nurses, doctors and medical staff in hospitals.  The personal alarm can be a visual deterrent to a thief or mugger.  We know that thieves are cowardly individuals who chose their victims because of their vulnerability. 

I like the white knight personal alarm because it does not need to be held in the hand.  If an aggressor manages to ambush you, any action of snatching an item from your persons will deploy the alarm quickly and easily.  With hand held alarms, it may be difficult for you to reach for the alarm in your pocket or bag.  During a violent ambush people often go into shock and lose their dexterity and ability to react.  Even some police and security guards who are ambushed sometimes fail to react appropriately--despite their many hours of training.





The Safecity White Knight personal anti-theft snatch alarm can be worn concealed or overtly. 

The snatch cord should be free of entanglements and an easily accessible areas. This will help the triggering device to activate the alarm freely.




The Safecity White Knight personal snatch alarm is an idea gift for your loved ones and of course for yourself. 

Upon activation the Safecity White Knight personal alarm will do the following ...

  • Deliver a shrill of 114DB (measured at 1 metre) sending a distress signal and warning bystanders that a crime has been committed. 
  • The siren will be audible for up to 400 metres (1/4 mile).


The Safecity White Knight personal alarms is one of the most versatile quality personal snatch alarm available on the market today. 

The Safecity White Knight personal alarm can be used for a multitude of purposes including the following ....

  • Money bags cash and valuable documents.
  • Protection against snatching of handbags
  • Protection against snatching of briefcases



Product Information and features


  • Manufactured in England.
  • Passed the Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test required by EC Council of Directive 89/336/EEC (UK Regulations S.1 1992/2372) and directives 92/31/EEC.
  • Extremely loud 114 decibel Audio Siren. Simple to use - pull the ripcord to operate.
  • Tested prior to leaving the factory.
  • Integral belt or pocket clip on the back of the alarm.
  • Can be used as a bag snatching alarm.
  • Very strong ABS plastic casing.
  • Stable and reliable digital technology.
  • Product warranty: 12 months.  Warranty is invalidated if the alarms is altered, repaired, or disassembled and if replacement batteries have not been fitted in accordance with instructions.
  • Dimensions: 69mm x 61 mm.
  • Maximum weight:  90gms.
  • Power: 9 Volts Battery
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours of continuous alarm when fitted with a fresh battery.
  • Patented design.
  • Product warranty: 12 months.  Warranty is invalidated if the alarms is altered, repaired, or disassembled and if replacement batteries have not been fitted in accordance with instructions.
  • A$38 GST and registered post delivery included.




Conditions of Sale
(These conditions apply only in Australia)

Contract between purchaser and Safecity Services Pty Ltd

Please read the following before placing an order

  • Persons under the age of 18 must produce a letter or document from parents or legal guardian granting permission to the purchaser.
  • Purchaser will not experiment or test the alarm on persons or animals.
  • Purchaser will not discharge the alarm without a reasonable lawful excuse.
  • The use of the Safecity White Knight personal alarm to commit an assault may result in criminal charges.
  • We agree to sell the product to you on the provision that you accept the following conditions  ...
    • You will accept all responsibilities and liabilities that arise from the carrying, use, misuse or malfunction of the personal alarm.
    • You will hold the Manufacturer, Safecity and its agents and staff harmless from any lawsuit or civil action arising from your use or misuse of the personal alarm
    • You agree that the manufacturer, Safecity and its agents and staff will not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or personal injury sustained whilst in the possession of this product whatever the cause or reason.

Product Safety Warning

  • The Safecity White knight personal alarm manufactured for Safecity is not a toy or source of amusement -- it is a life saving device.
  • The product emits 114DB (measured at at 1 metre).  Prolonged exposure of this sound in close proximity of the ear can cause permanent ear damage.
  • Do not activate the alarm unnecessarily, doing so may result in police charges.
  • Do not produce the alarm to intimidate or to assault another.  Doing so may result in police charges.
  • Keep the Safecity White Knight personal alarm out of the reach of children.  It is not a toy!
  • Read the instruction provided with the alarm before carrying the personal alarm.  Do not use the personal alarm until you have read and understood the instructions.  If you do not understand the instructions, contact Safecity prior to carrying the personal alarm.
  • Do not replace the batteries until you have read the instructions.
Safecity Services Pty Ltd ACN 055 464 581  ABN 11 055 464 581 Alarms E-mail




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