anti rape anti assault trident personal alarm aerosol shrill alarm for nurses, teachers and persons at risk in Australia


anti rape and anti assault personal alarms should be durable and reliable. 

I prefer aerosol personal alarms over battery powered alarms.  If you have ever reached for your torch during a blackout, and nothing happened because the batteries were dead--you will get the idea.

Your anti rape anti assault personal alarm is likely to remain in your bag or other strategic place for long periods of time--time that will cause batteries to discharge.  Additionally, there are areas where electronic personal alarms cannot and should not be used: fuel stations and gas stations are one example.  In an emergency, even the tiniest spark from the alarm could cause an explosion.

Additionally, noise alone may not be sufficient to deter a stubborn or intoxicated attacker.  This is where the Safecity anti rape and anti assault Trident Personal Alarm defeats all other alarms for efficiency and effectiveness. 

Upon activation the Trident anti rape anti assault personal alarm will do the following ...

  • Deliver a shrill of 114DB (measured at 1 metre).  This will send a distress signal that will be heard by everyone nearby.
  • Produce a repulsive odour.  This is a foul smell that is bound to cause the aggressor to leave the area--or at least move away from you.
  • Release a non-toxic, non irritant, harmless and invisible ultraviolet tracer that can be detected by police using ultraviolet light for immediate P.O.I. (Person of Interest)  positive identification.

These features make the Safecity anti rape anti assault Trident Personal Alarm a powerful deterrent against muggings, sexual assaults and violent attacks.  Faced with this unfavourable environment, most aggressors will want to leave the scene.  In all cases the Trident aerosol personal alarms will cause attackers to reassess their intent.




PC John Knowles Police Crime Prevention Officer

British Police are so impressed with the Trident anti rape anti assault personal alarm, that they are actually selling it to the general public at police counters.   

The following Police Stations have purchased the Trident range of personal alarms, for the purpose of reselling it to the public ...

  • Metropolitan Police, London
  • British Transport Police
  • Minister of Defence Police
  • Devon & Cornwall Constabulary
  • Wiltshire Constabulary
  • Norfolk Constabulary
  • Derbyshire Police
  • Suffolk Constabulary
  • Kent Police
  • Nottinghamshire Police
  • Essex Police




The House of Commons, British Local Government, Hospitals, Universities, Schools and major corporate bodies issue these personal alarms to their staff as a precautionary measure.  A list of major clients purchasing the Trident Personal anti rape anti assault alarm may be viewed here.

This product has been on sale in the UK since 1997 and there have been no reports of misuse from the public.

The Safecity Trident anti rape anti assault personal alarm is a safe and easy to use device that will help you increase your chances of survival during a violent attack.  It is ideal for prevention of rape attacks and common assaults.  Because of the multiple features, the Trident personal alarm is particularly suitable for persons working in high risk environments or person subject to threats of violence, stalking and sexual assaults.

Nurses, doctors, teachers, security guards, off duty police officers, emergency personnel, tradesmen, victims of stalkers, victims of violence, and the elderly will benefit from carrying a Safecity Trident alarm.

Product Information and features

Trident aerosol alarm
  • Manufactured in England.
  • Meets British Standards BS6800, BS5750, Quality Standard, EC Regulation 3093/94EC, and EC Directive 89/336/EEC.
  • Tested prior to leaving the factory.
  • The Safecity Trident personal alarm does not contain toxic, noxious or harmful substances.
  • None of the materials used are classified as a controlled substance under COSHH Regulations.
  • Will operate upside down or at any angle.
  • The lockdown feature on the actuator will cause the personal alarm to continue operating even if it is dropped to the ground.
  • Raised cruciform guarding the alarm output help prevent the muffling of the siren.
  • Sound output: 114DB (measured at 1 metre) will not injure or disorient innocent bystanders.
  • Dimensions: 37mm x 105mm.
  • Maximum weight:  65gms.
  • Duration: Approximately 3 minutes of continuous alarm,
  • Aromatic material: Made of components that conform with UK and European Flavour & Fragrance Legislation.  Whilst unpleasant to taste it is not detrimental to health (I strongly suggest you do not taste the substance).
  • Propellant: Conforms to Euro Directive 3093/94 for aerosol propellants and has a ZERO ozone depletion potential.
  • Ultra-Violet tracer: Non toxic.
  • Safety data sheet: Available here for download.
  • Patented design.
  • Each canister is individually marked. (Australia only)
  • Product warranty: 12 months.
  • A$45 GST and postal delivery included.




Conditions of Sale
(These conditions apply only in Australia)

Contract between purchaser and Safecity Services Pty Ltd

Please read the following before placing an order

  • Available only to persons of good character who have not been charged with a criminal offence in the past 10 years.
  • Persons under the age of 18 must produce a letter or document from parents or legal guardian granting permission to the purchaser.
  • Purchaser is not permitted to resale, lend or dispose the personal alarm.
  • Purchaser will not experiment or test the alarm on persons or animals.
  • Safecity will maintain a register of Trident alarms sold to the public.  This list will be made available to police upon request.
  • Purchaser will not discharge the Trident alarm without a reasonable lawful excuse.
  • The use of the Trident personal alarm to commit an assault may result in criminal charges.
  • We agree to sell the product to you on the provision that you accept the following conditions  ...
    • You will accept all responsibilities and liabilities that arise from the carrying, use, misuse or malfunction of the Trident personal alarm.
    • You will hold the Manufacturer, Safecity and its agents and staff harmless from any lawsuit or civil action arising from your use or misuse of the Trident personal alarm
    • You agree that the manufacturer, Safecity and its agents and staff will not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or personal injury sustained whilst in the possession of this product whatever the cause or reason.

Product Safety Warning

  • The Trident personal alarm manufactured for Safecity is not a toy or source of amusement -- it is a life saving device.
  • The product emits 114DB (measured at at 1 metre).  Prolonged exposure of this sound in close proximity of the ear can cause permanent ear damage.
  • Do not activate the alarm unnecessarily, doing so may result in police charges.
  • Do not produce the Trident personal alarm to intimidate or to assault another.  Doing so may result in police charges.
  • Do not carry the item overtly, unless during a defensive incident, carrying the item overtly or in a menacing manner may result in police charges.
  • Never point or use a Trident personal alarm against a police officer or security guard--doing so may produce catastrophic results.
  • Do not incinerate the canister.  Dispose of canister as you would with other household aerosol products.
  • Do not pierce or burn the canister.
  • Do not expose the canister to intense hear (such as leaving the canister in a locked vehicle).
  • Keep the Trident personal alarm out of the reach of children.
  • Read the instruction provided with the canister before carrying the personal alarm.  Do not use the personal alarm until you have read and understood the instructions.  If you do not understand the instructions, contact Safecity prior to carrying the personal alarm.


Method of purchase and delivery

  • Click on the link below.  Please answer all the questions in order to prevent delays  Please do not use free Web E-mail.  We cannot accept orders from persons that cannot be identified.
  • You will receive a confirmation from us, and a link where you may complete the purchase.
  • The Safecity Trident personal alarms may not be posted.  We will send the personal alarm by courier person to person.


Safecity Services Pty Ltd ACN 055 464 581  ABN 11 055 464 581



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