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The Safecity range of alarms manufactured for Safecity, comprise of two groups the aerosol personal alarms and the battery powered personal alarms and shrill alarms.  Both these types of alarms are manufactured in England under strict quality assurance supervision.

The Safecity Range of personal alarms and protection devices




Anti-theft and Emergency Alarms Safecity





White Knight Anti-theft  &
Snatch Personal Alarms
Compact but powerful alarm
Ideal for protecting handbags, luggage and briefcases

Emergency Alarm Key Ring
Miniature Emergency Alarm
Ideal for car and home keys

Safecity Centurion
Anti-theft alarm
Small, portable vibration
and movement detector



Anti Rape and Anti Assault Personal Alarms Safecity Safecity Range of Aerosol Alarms






New! Anti Rape Anti Assault
Safecity Trident Aerosol Personal Alarms Triple action  -- Top of the range- Amazing features


Aerosol Personal Alarms
Powerful Siren,  5 Million sold!  The most popular aerosol personal alarm in the world

Personal Safety Devices

Help prevent dog attacks with Safecity's Dog Repel






Safecity Services Pty Ltd ACN 055 464 581  ABN 11 055 464 581





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