Keying emergency alarms Australia



Should an emergency arise be it a fire a medical emergency or  crime in progress, the emergency alarm will alert household and neighbours of the emergency. 

Get help fast for yourself and your loved ones using the Safecity emergency alarm.  


The Safecity key ring emergency alarm is small and compact--but it will amaze you with the powerful alarm it generates.  Up to 114 Decibels of sound and for up to one minute!

The key ring emergency alarm is an idea gift for your loved ones and of course for yourself. 

Upon activation the Safecity key ring emergency alarm will do the following ...

  • Deliver a shrill of 114DB (measured at 1 metre). 

Ideal for security guards, police, the elderly living at home alone, and emergency services personnel.
  • High quality and low price
  • Fully Tested at factory
  • Aerosol )Compressed Air) reliability -no flat batteries-ever!
  • 1 minutes continuous operation
  • Small and compact fits easily in the handbag
  • Powerful 114DB siren (tested at 1 metre)

The Safecity key ring emergency alarm is a safe and easy to use device that will help you raise help during any emergency.   Use it to warn family members during a fire, a medical emergency or crime in progress.  Discuss the sound generated from your Safecity Emergency Alarm with your neighbours and instruct them to call Police if they hear it.

Security guards, police officers, emergency personnel, and the elderly (especially those who are subject to medical conditions) will benefit from carrying a Safecity key ring aerosol emergency alarm.



Product Information and features


  • Manufactured in England.
  • Meets British Standards BS6800, BS5750, Quality Standard, EC Regulation 3093/94EC, and EC Directive 89/336/EEC.
  • Tested prior to leaving the factory.
  • The Safecity Safecity aerosol personal alarm does not contain toxic, noxious, flammable or harmful substances.
  • None of the materials used are classified as a controlled substance under COSHH Regulations.
  • Will operate upside down or at any angle.
  • The lockdown feature on the actuator will cause the personal alarm to continue operating even if it is dropped to the ground.
  • Raised cruciform guarding the alarm output help prevent the muffling of the siren.
  • Sound output: 114DB (measured at 1 metre) will not injure or disorient innocent bystanders.
  • Dimensions: 36mm x 40 mm.
  • Maximum weight:  28gms.
  • Duration: Approximately 1 minutes of continuous alarm.
  • Propellant: Conforms to Euro Directive 3093/94 for aerosol propellants and has a ZERO ozone depletion potential.
  • Patented design.
  • Product warranty: 12 months.
  • A$38 GST and courier delivery included.


Safecity Services Pty Ltd ACN 055 464 581  ABN 11 055 464 581    



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