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Personal Alarms

... save lives and help prevent injuries.  The range of personal alarms are manufactured in England.  Our quality personal alarms are environmentally harmless and do not contain any harmful, irritant or toxic substances. 

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The alarms' sole purpose is to create an environment that helps discourage violent attacks, rape and assaults. 

Local Government,  Hospitals, Schools, Universities and Corporate employers have been distributing these personals alarms freely to their staff and clients. 

UK Police have publicly praised the alarms and are offering them for sale to members of the public as a community service. 

Countless of people tell how they owe their lives to these quality personal alarms.



personal alarms + = anti rape products


Most personal alarm items sold by Amazon US may not be delivered to Australia.
Check with your local authorities before purchasing self-defence items from the US.
Possessions of some self-defence items may result in criminal prosecution in Australia.



Range of Personal Alarms


satellite phone

 Use our new dual GSM / Satellite Phone to call for help!

Our dual system is inexpensive and offers coverage in areas where your limited mobile phone will not work.  Get a dual system

GSM Satellite Phone Today
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