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Safecity Introduces the new Centurion vibration sensor anti-theft alarm to Australia


The theft of computers and other business equipment from the workplace causes major losses to Australian governments and businesses.   Security managers of  Schools, Government organizations, Hospitals and Corporate bodies despair at their inability to prevent the thefts of valuable equipment from their premises. 

The theft of laptop computers--especially those from highly secure defence department is also a major concern.  It is common knowledge among security professionals that staff are often the major perpetrators of theft in the workplace.  The theft of laptop computers is only a minor aspect of theft in the workplace.  Every day in Australia Hospitals, Governments and Military bases lose valuable valuable assets.  The loss of sensitive data can also easily surpass the value of the PC.

Preventing the theft of computers by securing them to desks with adhesives or cables fails often.  This is because criminal staff have intimate knowledge of these countermeasures and know how to bypass them.

The Centurion anti-theft shock sensor alarm is an easy to use portable electronic device that will help prevent the unlawful removal of company or personal property.   Featuring state of the art British technology, the anti-theft alarm  utilises a sophisticated gold plated electronic vibration sensor to detect unauthorised movement.

Once armed, this vibration sensor alarm can only be deactivated by using a specially coded key card.  If triggered the anti theft alarm will activate a siren delivering a 114DB double frequency ear piercing sound audible up to 400 metres!

The Safecity Centurion anti-theft alarm is an easy to use, inexpensive device that will help protect your property at work and at home.
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Safecity's Centurion anti-theft shock sensor alarm is versatile!  Use it to protect a variety of assets and equipment.  It comes ready equipped with a multitude of s fittings that will enable you to protect just about any property.  If it is valuable to you the Safecity Centurion anti-theft alarm will help you protect it!
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Attach your Safecity Centurion anti-theft vibration sensor alarm to your lap top or notebook.  The alarm will prevent anyone from removing or even touching the computer.  Help prevent the theft of the lap top or your sensitive data. The theft of computers from schools and universities is now a common event causing havoc to training schedules and financial loss. 

In the corporate world the loss of a PC can have catastrophic results.
Attach the Safecity's Centurion anti-theft shock sensor alarm to your briefcase or bag and protect it from unlawful removal. 

The same method can be used to help protect documents, files, or other sensitive data.
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The special fittings packed with your Safecity Centurion vibration sensor anti theft alarm enables you to turn the alarm into a formidable door alarm.  Conventional alarms activate only when the door has been forced open--not much use!

If you are away from home, place the alarm on the inside of your hotel door.  It will wake you instantly the moment someone tries to unlock the door!
Use the Safecity Centurion shock sensor anti-theft alarm to act as primary of secondary car alarm.  The more layers of security you apply, the better your chances of defeating even the most stubborn thieves. 

Your car is likely to be your most valuable movable asset.  Conventional electronic alarms can be defeated. 

The Safecity Centurion anti-theft alarm cannot be defeated using electronic devices.
If you have ever owned a great motorcycle like this magnificent Harley Fat Boy, you will know the difficulties in protecting it from fools who want to climb on it, bump it with their cars or even worse try to damage it out of sheer jealousy.

Protect you Harley (or your pushbike) by installing a Safecity Centurion anti-theft shock sensor alarm.  Conceal it in a protected area and arm it.

As with motor cars, we recommend you apply a multilayer approach.  Install a quality conventional bike alarm and use the Safecity Centurion as a backup alarm.




The Safecity Centurion vibration sensor anti-theft alarm is an idea gift for your loved ones and of course for yourself. 

Upon activation the alarm will do the following ...

  • Deliver a shrill of 114DB (measured at 1 metre).  This will not disorient or injure innocent bystanders, but will send a powerful distress signal that will be heard by everyone nearby.
  • Will emit a siren audible for up to 400 metres (1/4 mile).
  • Will continue to sound the siren for 30 seconds and then rearm itself if not disturbed.
  • Will indicate arming and activations with a red light indicator sequence.


The Safecity Centurion anti-theft shock sensor alarm is one of the most versatile quality anti theft alarm available on the market today. 


  • Protection for homes
  • Protection for garden sheds
  • Protect tool boxes
  • Protect petty cash boxes
  • Protect cars, motorcycles and pushbikes.
  • Secure lap tops, notebooks and desktop computers
  • Guard hotel doors
  • Protect musical instruments
  • Protect sport equipment
  • Protect luggage and briefcases
  • Protect jewellery
  • Protect your VCR TV and Entertainment Centre




Product Information and features


  • Manufactured in England.
  • Passed the Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test required by EC Council of Directive 89/336/EEC (UK Regulations S.1 1992/2372) and directives 92/31/EEC.
  • Extremely loud 114 decibel Audio Siren (measured at 1 metre)
  • Simple to use
    • Exit Delay 20 seconds
    • Entry Delay 3 seconds
    • Sound siren for 30 Seconds
    • Automatic reset and rearm
  • Tested prior to leaving the factory.
  • Led display activation indicator sequence
  • Comes ready to attach with elasticised strap with Velcro fitting, sticky pads or loop.
  • Very strong ABS plastic casing.
  • Gold plated vibration sensor
  • Protected battery compartment
  • Coded Security De-activation keys
  • Stable and reliable digital technology.
  • Product warranty: 12 months.  Warranty is invalidated if the alarms is altered, repaired, or disassembled and if replacement batteries have not been fitted in accordance with instructions.
  • Dimensions: 769mm x 76 mm x 16 mm.
  • Weight:  54 grams without batteries
  • Power: 2 AA Heavy Duty Batteries. 
  • Patented design.
  • Product warranty: 12 months.  Warranty is invalidated if the alarms is altered, repaired, or disassembled and if replacement batteries have not been fitted in accordance with instructions.
  • A$80 GST and registered post delivery included.

Product Safety Warning

  • The Safecity White knight personal alarm manufactured for Safecity is not a toy or source of amusement -- it is a life saving device.
  • The product emits 114DB (measured at at 1 metre).  Prolonged exposure of this sound in close proximity of the ear can cause permanent ear damage.
  • Do not activate the alarm unnecessarily, doing so may result in police charges.
  • Do not produce the alarm to intimidate or to assault another.  Doing so may result in police charges.
  • Keep the Safecity White Knight personal alarm out of the reach of children.  It is not a toy!
  • Read the instruction provided with the alarm before carrying the personal alarm.  Do not use the personal alarm until you have read and understood the instructions.  If you do not understand the instructions, contact Safecity prior to carrying the personal alarm.
  • Do not replace the batteries until you have read the instructions.

Method of purchase and delivery

  • Click on the link below.  Please do not use free Web E-mail.  We cannot accept orders from persons that cannot be identified.
  • We will deliver the Safecity White Knight personal alarm by person to person registered mail.  You will need to sign for the item.






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